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Our Mission

I had a Dream

Adam had a dream that may come true


  • Those who considered curse due to mental and physical disability: will be treated as blessing since birth.
  • Those who deprived of attention due to their handicap: will become the apple of eye to their family.
  • Those who taken as burden: will become a support for their family and friends.
  • Those who need attention in society but considered inadequate: will be a contributor to humanity.
  • Yes I believe that
  • My special community members can run the business of every day more effective than normal people
  •  My special family members can be the tycoons of corporate world and offer jobs  to normal people
  •  My special friends can pay taxes and contribute for the welfare of society in a well manner.

There are two great principles exist in this world called destiny and obligation

  • Getting love from parent is destiny of a child but to go after the order of lord is responsibility. Make out responsibility always guard to be penalized.
  • I must quote here a Japanese quote
    “Caught the fish feed your self and nourish others too”

Seeing Believing ADAM


Creation of Adam

The world was the place created by The Lord for humans to live and flourish. The Lord sent the man with the knowledge of material to explore the planet and the universe.
Adam, the first to represent the human race was sent to the world with the complete knowledge of entities,
“And He taught Adam the names of all things;”


Who is Adam

Adam Bin Tahir, age 15 year, is disabled by birth and epileptic. With such impossibilities in life, he has beaten the odds and shined out in numerous areas like art, drama, sports and more. He lives an above average life with extraordinary skills and a strong will. His potentials have been well covered and presented on different forums and media like tv, newspapers etc.